North Georgia Truck Wreck Lawyer.

Hire the lawyer with 30 years experience helping his clients get justice from tractor trailer wrecks.

"Should I hire a lawyer to handle my case?"

Motor carriers are required to carry substantial insurance coverage to pay for damages and injuries in wrecks. You can be sure that they will have excellent lawyers representing them. Don't try to fight their lawyers by yourself. Have an experienced trial lawyer by your side who will fight for your rights to get the maximum amount for your injuries.

Truck wrecks can kill and cause serious injury.  Get the help you need from an experienced truck wreck lawyer.

Truck drivers are frequently tired from long hours of driving and can become unsafe at any speed.

The Metro Atlanta area has many serious truck wrecks weekly and can cause substantial damage, and serious injuries that require long term care for treatment and rehabilitation.

Tractor trailer rigs can weigh over 80,000 pounds and cause catastropic damage when they wreck.

"Marietta, Cobb County Truck Wreck Lawyer" is here to help you get the care you need when you are in a serious truck wreck.

With 30 years experience helping clients get the care they need in their cases.


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Georgia's Super Speeder law:

The law in Georgia on the Super Speeder tickets went into effect on January 1, 2010.  It provides that anyone pleading guilty to the charge of  exceeding the speed limit by 75 mph on a two lane road, and 85 mph on any road shall be issued an additional fee by the Department of Driver Services in the amount of $200.00.   The Department has 30 days upon receipt of the notice of conviction to issue the additional charge. Read more...